Sunday, 5 November 2017

Autumn Fires and football.

Last weekend we put our clocks back so as to give us a little more daylight in the mornings, but I know it won't last for long. Funny how some mornings seem darker than others and warmer. During this week I have been known to trip happily down the stairs at 6.45 a.m. in just my nightie and feel quite comfortable. Opening the curtains, light appears and the day looks promising.  Yet other mornings I shiver and wrap my beautiful red dressing gown around me just a little tighter. The curtains remain closed for another hour or so and the kettle sings noisily whilst I prepare my toast.

I find myself buying crumpets for tea and lots of comfort food for dinner. To be honest, our summers here in England are so short that my knowledge of summer foods and salads is quite abysmal! Each year I promise myself that I will get a cookery book with lots of summery things in it, but so far I haven't done it. How does the saying go? 'The road to heaven is paved with good intentions!' well that is one of mine.

I celebrated my 66th birthday in October and once that date has passed I turn my attention to Christmas, but not a minute before.  Once again the shops are full of gifty things really early. Last year I think I had them all bought and wrapped but this year I am struggling with some of the people on my list. I think I will have to ask for advice because I don't want to disappoint.


For those of you who like watching soccer (English football), here is a video of my grandson Dylan in a football match yesterday.  He is in red and white, no. 2 (defense) and always kicks with his left foot!  At point 2.32 mins in the video, you can see he nearly gets a terrific goal stopped only by a fantastic save by the other team's goalie! 


Have a great Sunday!