Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Larry's Book - Creating Eric

Larry has been very busy lately, writing his first novel. You can buy it on Amazon for the Kindle, or download it and read it on your I-pad or computer. Here is a synopsis of the story.

"The American way of life survived the first half of the 21st Century, but at great cost. There are those within the government who believe drastic change is the only way to recover America's previous glory. Their plan will take over thirty years. The key to success or failure must be carefully designed. Eric's parents mistakenly believe they are the only ones who have designs on his future. As a genetically engineered child, Eric soon realises the advantages he has over others, but struggles to understand why he must die on a predefined date. Follow Eric's unique education experiences, his interactions with his grandfather, and the difficult choices he must make to save himself, his family and ultimately the Presidency of the United States from destruction."