Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Memories of summer

Memories of summer always return in January. Whilst I enjoy the colder weather, the snow and frost, it is always good to dream about warmer days. My favourite place in all the world has to be Kessingland, a small town on the east coast of England and the place where I spent most of our summer holidays when my little boys were small.

You can read all about it here.  It won't take you long - it's only a small place, but it has a big character.

Here is the town sign:

We used to take my mum on holiday with us quite often and she liked it here so much that she moved here for the last five years of her life.  In those days the sea came right up to the promenade, but I was surprised to see, on my last visit, that the sea had receded almost half a mile where sand has been deposited on the shoreline.  Consequently the holiday cottages that were once in view of the sea and where we used to lay in bed and count the waves coming in, had now found themselves way away from the sea and the sea itself was way out yonder!

This is the bethel, a small church built, I believe, especially for fishermen in times gone by.

This is The Sailor's Home, a public house, which used to be a lot nearer to the sea than it is now! In the picture you can see the family room, which is at the front -  a welcome place to sit if it's raining. The little shop opposite used to be run by Eldercare. It was a charity shop where clothes, books and other useful items could be bought, raising money for Eldercare, a local charity for the elderly. The local senior citizens benefited from trips out to the nearest town - Lowestoft or to the Kessingland wildlife park in a small van, ideal for the purpose. There were also get togethers once a week and a small party at Christmas.  Sadly, I don't think Eldercare exists anymore.

This next picture is taken from the seashore. It shows clearly how far out the sea has receded. The Sailor's Home is on the far right of the picture.

The next three pictures show the High Street, leading away from the sea and into the middle of the village: