Sunday, 14 May 2017

Sunday musings

 Welcome Sunday - my favourite day of the week and always has been. It's the one day in the week that I feel I own, but it doesn't always work out that way of course. I've been feeling more than usually creative lately and fortunately that feeling corresponds with the time of the year. It's no good feeling creative in the garden in the middle of December is it!

I planted some Morning Glory seeds in a hanging basket at the beginning of April and the cold weather killed the lot so I've bought another packet of seeds and I'm trying again. Lately it has been so dry that I've had to water the garden twice a week, but this morning at 6 o'clock it rained heavily for twenty minutes and that has restored the garden somewhat.

I've been sewing - making a little dress for my grand-daughter Ruby:

When I finished that, I found a doll pattern to make, for me this time. I'm practising on me... yeah, right! She can have it when she's older, probably!

Did I tell you I'm learning to play the piano, teaching myself? It goes slowly, but I'm finding it very enjoyable.

and last week I made two loaves of bread, which turned out fine except a bit dense.  My bread always turns out a bit dense! I'm working on that.

So what have you'all been doing or making this week?


  1. Wishing you a Happy Mother's Day dear friend, I hope it is a lovely one, I know we celebrate Mother's Day in March in the UK, so consider this a second chance :)
    You have been very busy, I love the little dress, how talented you are !
    Good luck with the Morning Glory seeds....

  2. Thank you Jo. You can't have too much of a good thing and I do love special days.

  3. My, you have been busy! I am going to have to get some patterns and make some dresses for Josie. I've been in the garden and pulling weeds -- more destructive than creative.

  4. Day in March in the UK, so consider this a second chance :)



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