Monday, 19 December 2016

Christmas is just around the corner!

Happy Christmas to you all!  We have dressed the tree and done some of the shopping. Over here in England, the shops are extremely busy right now. Christmas Day falling on a Sunday means that the Saturday and Sunday shoppers, which includes me, have to go a different day and there has been much conjecture in our house as to which is the better day to go. Will it be Wednesday this week, or Thursday? I can't go Friday because I will be preparing for Saturday when we have visitors. Decisions, decisions!

We have a five foot tree and a four foot tree.  This is the five foot one. It's in a corner where it can't be knocked over easily. Panda is still an adventurous teenager. So far he has ignored the tree, but there is still time for him to go into attack mode!

I used to wonder why he kept on climbing onto the back of Larry's chair and looking upwards at the old barometer, which used to belong to my dad. Then, one day, I realised he was trying to get at the ornate wooden bird, which sits on the top of it. I removed the bird, temporarily I hope, to give Larry a bit of peace and quiet from our adventurous cat.  Millie, who is now twelve and a stately old lady, is not interested in things like this anymore, preferring to sleep most of the time with the odd moment of madness, which usually manifests itself in her running up and down the stairs for exercise.

Here is our adorable Ruby, six months old now and all dressed up in her father Christmas outfit.

Dylan has been an exemplary older brother to Ruby and it is plain to see that he loves her to bits.

In a child's eyes at Christmas.  Here is Dylan looking at Father Christmas, last week...

Ruby loves Dylan reading her stories.  Dylan is six years old and has a very good reading age. He is enjoying reading a bedtime story for his little sister.  She is copying him already.

Panda enjoying a quiet moment on his favourite chair.

I hope all your arrangements are going well this week?