Friday, 29 July 2016

Where women work

Do you like to see where other people live and work? I know I do, so today I'm sharing with you my little workspace. This is my study, if you will. This is where I have my computer, files, books etc. and I love it. This is where I am when I write to you. This used to be my dining room, but we needed the room where all this stuff was before so everything had to be rearranged. It took some doing and it's a bit of a squash but now everything is to hand and so far I haven't lost anything.

My cottage is small, but it has many rooms and corners. I like it that way. Larry and I are not minimalists, as you can see!

I took the pictures from each aspect. The door you see below leads off to the kitchen (left) and the toilet (right).

Now, I would like to see where you are when you write or spend time on your computer? What is your den like?