Wednesday, 8 June 2016

My English Garden on May 26th 2016 - The splendour of early summer

We've had some odd weather this Spring and Summer. Now we are into June, I can say that May was a very cold month - just a few days of sunny weather, but the plants have done their best and so far, this is what we have. Above is the ever lovely clematis - The President it's called.

Underneath is my beautiful pink rose - so old that I can't remember what it is called. It is ever faithful and seems to be very disease resistant. I have sprayed it with Rose Clear, to get rid of any aphids,, but there haven't been that many so far.

I think the next one is Verbena. I bought it three years ago as a small shoot at a plant sale in aid of Lilley Church.  It has done extremely well in the garden and is very pretty to see.

Lilac flowers have been prolific this year, but with some severe winds the other day, most of the blooms are spent now.

Opening up the canopy of my holly tree has given the ice plant (in the next picture) a lot more light and it has responded accordingly. We look forward to some really nice blooms soon.

Aquilegias (Grandma's bonnets) never fail to please and here are some of this year's examples reaching up to the sky.

I've been busy lately. Our eldest son has come back home to live temporarily. That has necessitated a huge rearrangement in the house.  My office room is now downstairs so that he has his own room.  We are hoping that he can soon find a job and independence. These days that has become harder and harder to do for young and not so young people. We wish him well.

What with all the gardening and rearranging of furniture, the days have flown by and already we are one week away from the arrival of the latest grandchild. She is expected on 22nd June, just one day before the E.U. Referendum happens.  I expect to be up most of the night for either of those events so I'm trying to get as much sleep as possible now.

Can I ask you if there is any (annoying) reason why you aren't commenting on my blog? I don't know from where I sit whether the word verification has come on and is putting people off or whether it is because you are all using your Ipads more and can't be bothered to type a comment.  I would really like to know?