Sunday, 22 May 2016

Our E.U. Referendum is getting nearer!

In about five weeks time our nation will be going to the voting booths to decide whether or not to stay in the European Union. NB: this is not the same as the Eurozone, which is the group of countries within the E.U. that use the Euro. Here we are still using the British pound.

Quite a number of people have not made up their mind about whether to vote IN or LEAVE. For me the decision was easy, I shall vote to LEAVE. There is no doubt in my mind and I believe this is the time for a nation to be brave and make a change.  There are 65 million of us here at the moment, on our tiny island ('and that's just the ones we know about') as Nigel Farage said recently. Nigel Farage is a Member of the European Parliament in Brussels. I think that is plenty of people to survive on our own.  For too long we have been ruled by Brussels and it's wearing thin. We need to take back our independence and start again. Forty years ago we were not in this 'party' and in my opinion things were much better then.

 The current system allows for people from other European countries, who are in the E.U. to travel to Britain without a visa, work here, live here, stay here and take advantage of our wonderful National Health System.  This has got to stop.  It is primarily unfair on the rest of the world.  Yes, it is mutually convenient for our people to go to Europe unhindered by a lot of red tape, but it also means that anyone with a criminal background or criminal intent, can also come here. That can't be right.

When the European Union was first begun, there were less than six countries in it (and we weren't one of them).  Now there are 27 countries and how they can ever agree on anything, is beyond my comprehension. In theory it is good that everyone gets a vote in policy making etc. but in practice it doesn't work because it takes far too long to get the decisions made. 

We are not 'The United States of Europe' and I doubt if we ever will be.  We are a group of different countries with very different backgrounds and cultures, languages and views and the only thing we share is the fact that we live near each other. 

If we leave I don't think it will be very long before one or two other countries want a referendum too.