Sunday, 27 March 2016

Wishing you a very Happy Easter

As the wheel turns, it is once again time to wish you all a very Happy Easter. Whatever your religion or none, this is the time of year to look forward to hope in our troubled world.

I have been absent more than usual on here and the reason for that is my inability to get used to the picture arrangements on my Apple computer. I just can't find what I want. On my Sony laptop with Windows, I used Picassa and it was great but on here Picassa is not liked and I struggle to find the pictures I know and love. Where are they? How can I find them again?  Are they still there.  I must be one of the few people who doesn't like this new arrangement!

Today is a good day to plant some seeds, seeds which will grow and feed the family or delight the eye and I am nearly ready. Yesterday I bought some new pea seeds and they will go into the new raised bed - picture to come. I also found some sunflower seeds in the shed and got interested in those. However, the weather here in England today is awful.  We have had some sun and some showers and a blustery storm is forecast sometime today in this region of the South East. So I won't be planting my peas today after all. I will be curled up indoors watching television or reading a good book or doing some other indoor activity.

One interesting fact of note in the garden this Spring is the longevity of the daffodils.  They seem to have gone on and on and they have been beautiful. It's almost as if they are making up for last year when so many of them came up blind for some reason.  I'm glad they are here today.  Their sunny faces are so cheering and they don't seem to mind how much the wind blows.  They just nod it away and keep going.

So whatever you are doing today, enjoy it. We are here today and gone tomorrow so let's enjoy what we can and share our joy with others too.

True Happiness

Some have much and some have more,
Some are rich and some are poor.
Some have little, some have less,
Some have not a cent to bless.
Their empty pockets, yet possess
True riches in true happiness.