Saturday, 6 February 2016

It's going to be a girl!

I am SO excited. Our new grandbaby is going to be a girl, due on 22nd June. After three sons and five grandsons and forty-two years waiting, this one is female!  

The latest scan showed a beautiful baby-to-be growing nicely in the womb. 

Yes, yes I know how lucky I am. Many people are not so blessed and truly I do appreciate it and I have loved all the little boys. I am one of 13 girl cousins and I remember my mum's reaction when she heard that the newest cousin was going to be a boy.  My Uncle named him after Opa as a special gift.

I don't think this new baby will have my beautiful name because try as we have, her mum and I just don't get on.  It happens! It's sad, but there it is.  However another beautiful name will be chosen one of these days.

Last week I went into town and looked around. I was looking at girlie things and trying to get my head around the differences. In my loft is a lovely dolls' house, in its box because I haven't looked at it since I left America. She might like that. We can play with it together.  How joyful.

My feelings were very mixed. I am happy and proud yet a bit jealous because I never had a daughter. I miss having a daughter when I see friends making arrangements to go places with theirs. Then there is the inevitable mother of the bride thing.  Mothers of sons always come second place.

I was tempted to buy a few things but I resisted.  It's too early. I mustn't but I can dream.