Friday, 22 July 2016

Sammy update July 2016

This is my grandson Sammy. He's three now and a very fun-loving little boy. He has been to the seaside recently and here you can see him enjoying himself in the sand.

Mummy had some me-time too.

With Daddy exploring the shoreline! When I look at this picture below, I think that to a child, all is well so long as you hold tight to Daddy or Mummy's hand. The whole ocean is spread out before you, but no need to worry about the roar of the waves or those strange looking creatures that you find on the sand.  All will be well. Just keep your parent in sight. Doesn't he look small in this one!

Here is Sammy having fun in a tent with his cousins.  He's the one in the middle.

and back on the sand to build sand-castles.

It's hard to run on the sand especially with Daddy chasing you!

Isn't he just gorgeous!


  1. Isn't he a happy little fellow !
    I can't believe he is three years old, why it just seems like yesterday and you were announcing his birth.
    This brings back memories of being on the beach in Wales, carefree days are the best memories.
    Sweet !

  2. He is so adorable. I remember playing on the beach at about the same age, and memories long buried popped up when I read this post. :-)

  3. Sammy sure has a knack for having fun. We can learn a lot from his attitude. Run in the sand, even if it is hard.


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