Friday, 22 July 2016

Dylan update with Ruby

This is my first photo with my new grand-daughter, Ruby Skye, and her older brother Dylan. I am a very proud Oma indeed.  They came to visit with me this morning and we had coffee in the garden and fun with the grandchildren. Ruby is one month old already. I can't believe how the time has flown during this last month.

Dylan broke up from school yesterday for a six week break. This is his first school year and he came home with a very good school report the other day. In England the children break up for the summer around about the 21st July and go back on or near the 5th September.

Dylan loves his little sister so much.  It is wonderful to see the two of them together and watch Ruby's eyes focusing on her brother while she smiles.  She already knows his voice and enjoys his presence.

Dylan has been rewarded for his wonderful year at school with a new bicycle and he is so proud and delighted with it. He rode it round here this morning to show it off.

He is riding it uphill on stabilizers and it was a little hard to get it going at first, but he will soon get the hang of it.  Happy memories!

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  1. Such a sweet child! I love the pictures and the bike. Congratulations, Dylan! :-)


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