Friday, 4 September 2015

All set for the winter.

It's been a busy few weeks at the cottage. Firstly we had the central heating system renewed.  This was a huge job but the workmen completed it within a few days and we are very pleased with the result.

The picture above shows the large tank in the airing cupboard. There was also a huge tank of water in the loft, which fed the tank above and a complicated system of heating wires that ensured that we always had hot water. Now the two tanks have gone and that has given us a lot more storage space in the airing cupboard although, of course, we have lost the warmth. Larry put in some lovely shelves and a hanging rail so I can now store what I want. Needless to say all that created a job for me because I felt obliged to have a clear out and sent quite a bit to the local charity shop.  You may not believe what I had been hoarding around that huge tank!

Here are the 'after' pictures. Lots of shelf space and a lovely hanging rail as well. Bliss.

It was fun to load up the new cupboard.

A few days later I caught a cold and was laid up for a few days but I'm better now.

The next project was to take down the oldest shed in the garden. More of that in the next post.