Monday, 20 July 2015

A few days away

Larry and I have just been away for a few days at Weston-Super-Mare, on the west coast of England. The main purpose of the visit was to visit my son Rob. who now lives there with his partner Kelly. They only moved a few weeks ago but seem to have got their abode round very nicely.

The weather was not wonderful there last week, but in between the showers, we did get quite a bit of sunshine and when the sun shone, we went out. The tides are very high or low in that part of the country and we were amazed at how fast the tides went in or out during the day. In the morning about ten o'clock the tide went right out, almost to where you couldn't see it at all and later on in the day it came right in again. I'm told it comes right up to the sea wall sometimes. These pictures were taken at mid morning and as you can see, the tide is almost fully out.

With a name like Jones, Larry must have Welsh relatives.  Here he is looking across the sea to Wales, which is easily visible at certain times of the day.

I was enjoying sitting on a bench in the sunshine observing the world going by.

The island just in the distance here is called Steepholm Island. Every few days a boat can take one out to have a look at it but it is only possible to alight on the island at certain times of the day. Unfortunately it wasn't convenient for us to go this time. Please click here to read more about this fascinating island. There are 6,500 islands around the coast of Britain and this is just one of them.

It's always sad to say goodbye again. It is over a year since I saw my son and who knows when we will get together again.

On the way back we had to change trains at Paddington Station in London. As you probably know, Paddington is the famous station where Paddington Bear was found some many years ago now. There is a seat and a statue to commemorate this event so we took our pictures to remind us.