Sunday, 7 June 2015

My English Garden on June 7th 2015

It is such a lovely day today that I couldn't resist going out into the garden and taking some photos. First I tried out my new hosepipe. It's one of those that doesn't kink and it's true, it doesn't. It's fantastic. I just fixed it to the tap outside and started watering - none of that going along the length of it to take out the twists first! I recommend them.

First picture is our mint, which seems to be doing really well this year. I keep it in a tub so it doesn't go rampant all over the garden.

The climbing rose bush is just flowering and looks delicious. The bees like it too, which is a bonus.

Large red poppies:

Alchemilla Mollis, which does a great job of hiding the edges of the pond.

Snails on a pond plant:

A new gnome to grace the garden. Looks content, doesn't he!


Larry hiding behind the lilac!

The inside of my shed. I don't have the chickens yet. Jim is growing beans again so I'd have to keep them fence in.

My trusty broom.

Have a great Sunday: