Sunday, 1 February 2015

Selling the software

Although I like to live a cottage life as much as possible, there are many times these days when my computer takes priority. It's great for winter afternoons for example, when it is too cold to go in the garden and you've seen all the films on TV before!

When I was in America Larry bought me CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 and I was just getting to grips with it when I moved over here. We brought the computer over with us, the one I was using, but with the difference in voltage here in England, it was no good. It ran too slow and had other anomalies so we got rid of it. It was a shame to see it go because it had a very large screen, which was great for doing graphics. Here I have a Sony laptop, but the screen is quite small and I soon discovered that it was no good for CorelDRAW. Two of my sons are Graphic Designers and they didn't have a good word to say about CorelDRAW, but when I was working for the Catering Partnership, I had to do quite a lot with CorelD... and I got used to it. I had no intentions of buying Adobe Photoshop at my time of life either. It's so expensive.

Within a short space of time I found I no longer wanted to use CorelDRAW with such a small screen so we bought a new one. It was a Dell. I didn't realise when we bought it that it would be incompatible with my Sony laptop. It was! Try as we might we couldn't get it to work so it had to go back to the manufacturer. We bought the screen through Amazon and they didn't want it back. They wanted us to return it to the manufacturer, but the manufacturer phoned us and tried to get us to keep it. They didn't want it back either! No good, it wouldn't work so eventually we persuaded them to take it back, complaining that they should have checked with us to make sure the screen was compatible with what we had here. We did get a refund, but it put me off buying a new screen.

Larry suggested getting a new Apple computer, one of those all-in-one's with a big screen and all the gubbins inside but I have used Windows for so long I was reluctant. I decided to wait until this laptop is too old. Then I will definitely go over to Apple. If I was young, I would start off with Apple. I'm sure a lot of people would agree.

So I have put my copy of CorelDRAW up for sale on Ebay and by tomorrow I should know if it's been sold. We have lost a lot of money on it but I hate to have something I cannot use and never will be able to use so it's going, going, gone, I hope. I am hoping it will give someone else the pleasure which escaped me this time.

Have you got any 'white elephants' in your house?