Sunday, 27 December 2015

Patchwork Quilt - I've been busy!

Over the last few months I have been very busy making a patchwork quilt for Jim. I finished it just in time for Christmas, phew!

As all quilters know, we end up with lots of bits and pieces after a project is finished so with this quilt I wanted to use up some of those pieces. The flowery blue material is from a dress I made for myself last summer and the pretty Dutch material is from a piece my friend sent me to make something. I've had it in the drawer for a while.  I was going to make a shirt for Dylan,my grandchild, but then I thought he probably wouldn't wear it. He's into super heroes these days!

I varied the edging border with nine patch squares, which made it more interesting for me to make and now that it's finished, I'm pleased with the result.  Do you like it?



  1. That is a beautiful quilt in my favorite color combo ~ blue & white !

    I have to agree with you about not making a shirt of the left over fabric... superhero shirts will always win out !


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