Thursday, 9 July 2015

My Memoirs - family history

This is a picture of my great grandmother, Margaret Jenner. She was Margaret Card before she married my great grandfather, Arthur Taylor Jenner.

They were married in Mutford, Suffolk in 1888 and lived in Lowestoft. They had nine children.

This picture shows Margaret in her younger years holding my Oma (grandmother) Stella Jenner.

This is where Margaret lived - Princes Road, Lowestoft.

The next picture shows a newspaper cutting of Margaret's husband, Arthur Taylor Jenner, taken from an article about 'Lowestoft's Past'


  1. How interesting, Star. I don't see the resemblance in her and you, though. We all take after different lines in our family. Do you see it? :-)

  2. She looked like a lovely lady, her terraced house typically English, and quite upscale with the attic dormer.
    It's good to have family ties, and being able to actually see where we've come from.
    Lovely post.

  3. Thank you Jo. I love her lacy sleeves!


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