Friday, 10 July 2015

My Memoirs - family history - Margaret Card's family

Yesterday I showed you a few photos of Margaret Card and today I introduce her family to you. Margaret is sitting in the middle of the group consisting of all her children. I don't know where dad is, i.e. my great grandfather, Arthur Taylor Jenner.

At the back are Stella (my grandmother (Oma)) and next to her is her older sister Elsie.

In the middle row are: Mildred, Miriam, Margaret Card, Sybil and Edward.

In front of them are Ronald and Kathleen, sitting on Margaret's lap.

In the front row are Frank and Olive.

Isn't it a beautiful photograph and one I am very proud to own.


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  1. Do you think you look a little like your Oma? I do. :-)


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