Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Exhibits from the competition at Fibre East on Sunday

I e-mailed the pictures to myself from my I-phone today because I just couldn't get the computer to grab them. So here are some of them. In the entrance hall were some beautifully woven scarves and wraps, which Larry was particularly interested in since he is the weaver in the family. I was impressed with the variety of patterns and the quality of the goods on show.

A mermaid tailed wrap won first prize. I couldn't get it all in one photo. Here is the main part of it.

and here is the tail end of it. It really was magnificent and a gorgeous colour, starting a lighter green and finishing this beautiful watery dark green. Hopefully, if you click on the picture you will be able to read the description from the artist.

Here is another wrap that caught my eye. It looks so chic and warm. I must get Larry to make me one (she said hoping). Click on the picture and admire the clasp too.

There were many varied exhibits all having their own special qualities. Take a look at the scarf in the middle of the next picture. Don't you just love the curly spirals at the end.

It was hard to capture the next lot of exhibits because we were kept back by a rail so we couldn't touch and handle the objects. I leaned forward as much as I could, but still couldn't get quite the detail I wanted.  However, here we have examples of some very fine hand spinning. I think the red labels were first prizes.

After we'd had a look round for an hour or so we stopped by the food tent for a drink and a snack. The rain, which started the moment we left the house, was getting harder and it wasn't long before it became a deluge.

Here's what I mean! This was the seat next to mine and I had to swipe the rain off mine before I could sit down.

We are however used to the rain here in England and it didn't put me off my bacon roll and coffee.

All together we were there for four hours and had such a good time. We spent quite a bit but our purchases will keep us busy through the long winter evening to come. We came home tired but happy and that is all you can ask of a nice day out, isn't it.



  1. Nice! I wish we had some of your rain! :-)

  2. that mermaid wrap is gorgeous. Some lovely looking things there.

  3. Such beautiful things! Yes, the colours in the mermaid wrap are gorgeous!

  4. Thank you for your message on my blog. I would thoroughly recommend taking a spinning class. Please don't feel intimidated. I have learnt so much from the tutors. Be brave next time you get the chance! Loved your account of FE on the Sunday. Glad the weather didn't spoil things too much.


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