Sunday, 7 June 2015

My English Garden on June 7th 2015

It is such a lovely day today that I couldn't resist going out into the garden and taking some photos. First I tried out my new hosepipe. It's one of those that doesn't kink and it's true, it doesn't. It's fantastic. I just fixed it to the tap outside and started watering - none of that going along the length of it to take out the twists first! I recommend them.

First picture is our mint, which seems to be doing really well this year. I keep it in a tub so it doesn't go rampant all over the garden.

The climbing rose bush is just flowering and looks delicious. The bees like it too, which is a bonus.

Large red poppies:

Alchemilla Mollis, which does a great job of hiding the edges of the pond.

Snails on a pond plant:

A new gnome to grace the garden. Looks content, doesn't he!


Larry hiding behind the lilac!

The inside of my shed. I don't have the chickens yet. Jim is growing beans again so I'd have to keep them fence in.

My trusty broom.

Have a great Sunday:



  1. A beautiful garden indeed. I like your broom. :-)

  2. That mint is really growing big....yes, it does seem to take over if you don't have it contained, mine is in the old wheelbarrow, but still consumes everything else.
    Love all of your flowers Star, finally getting some sunshine makes a world of difference !


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