Monday, 29 June 2015

My English Garden on 28th June 2015

The garden is looking lovely just now. It's at its best. I love to see it in the morning when the poppies have just opened and the bees are collecting pollen. I tried to catch a bee doing just that, but I wasn't quick enough this morning.

The rose bush, following, is very old and I can't remember the name of it, but every year it gives of its best and this year is no exception. It's a good year for roses over here in England. I'm reliably informed it's because of the warm days and cool nights. That is about to change. We are expecting a heatwave, starting tomorrow or Wednesday so I was glad that it rained yesterday and gave the trees and shrubs a soaking.

The next plant is called feverfew and it is said that the leaves are good for easing migraine. I don't think I would go to the trouble of crushing them myself and eating them. I would prefer to take it in tablet form. I do suffer with migraine although this year has been a bit better for me. No-one seems to know what causes it and it is such a scourge. Migraine is debilitating. It stops you doing things that other people would do easily. For example, I think twice before I plan a day out in bright sunlight because that seems to set one off in my case. Instead of just donning a sunhat and sun-glasses, I think twice. Have I had a migraine recently? If not then one may be due and that will spoil the day. I worry about driving because if a migraine starts, I just have to stop the car and wait until it goes away because during the aura stage, I can't see anything. It's like looking down a kaleidoscope!

Enough of that. Let's enjoy the flowers:



  1. Star your garden is looking wonderful ....healthy and so many colours and blooms !
    I cannot think of an other place where roses grow so prolific, even in 'bad' years.
    Gorgeous poppies, I only have the primrose poppies...and they seem to take over.
    Enjoy your sunshine days.

  2. I love the poppy, they are a favourite of mine. The rest of the flowers are looking good as well. I have never been lucky with roses.

  3. Your flowers are beautiful ! From the pictures in the sidebar I see your grandsons have grown and they are very handsome. ( If you can call the youngest handsome? He is you know.)

    I have only ever suffered a handful of migraines in my life and they were debilitating. I could only lie in bed in the dark and not move for just a little relief from the blinding pain . If I suffered as much as many I know do from migraines my life would be entirely different , yet I doubt anyone who does not know what a migraine can do to a person would understand. Good for you to have people who know and support you, and glad you have not had to deal with this much this year.

    Another summer of blooms and blessings , life is good !

  4. I have never had a migraine, but I have friends who suffer from them, and I know how bad one can be. I do hope you manage to avoid one. Your flowers are simply wonderful to look at, Star. And so nice to hear from you! :-)

  5. What a lovely garden you have I am so glad you visited my blog so I could find yours! Yes, I would love to have tea in the garden with you, too! Have a wonderful week!

  6. Oh, how lovely! English gardens always seem so lush.

  7. Your rose is so beautiful. Is the scent like so many older rose, sweet and fragrant ? I love the scent of roses.

    Your flowers are thriving and lush.

    Regarding your migraines, I've only had a few in my life , but they were truly debilitating and brought on every single time by a day spent outdoors in the sunlight. I have taken to wearing my sunglasses and a hat when in full sun, but find myself clinging to the shade on sunny summer days. After the few I've had every single chronic migraine sufferer has my sympathy , and if I am around when they suffer, they have my silence.

    BTW, your grandsons are all so good looking, and what a lot of grandsons you have. I call that BLESSED !


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