Sunday, 3 May 2015

Lilley Flower Festival, 2015

It's that time again - that time when I know that summer has begun; although today it is raining quite hard! Over this Bank Holiday weekend, the pretty village of Lilley are having their annual flower festival.  I really admire this pretty little village's congregation for coming together and making these beautiful displays for us to enjoy each year. It is such a lot of work for them, but it no doubt provides a welcome extra bit of money.

The church itself, St. Peter's, goes back to 1210. On the wall at the back of the church is a plaque showing all the incumbents who have presided over the years. It really is remarkable. Just take a look at the names. If you click on the picture, it will enlarge so you can read it better.

This year's theme for the Flower Festival is 'Travellers' Tales' and you can see from the pictures how the exhibits encompass many parts of the globe including our own very special British Isles.

The first picture at the start of today's blog is Tibet, a beautiful arrangement by Kim Major-George, who also did one for Egypt, not shown here today.

See if you can recognise the places from the exhibits (I'll help, numbers at the end)


2) is at the top.






1) Egypt
2) Tibet
3) Italy
4) Australia
5) Canada
6) Madeira
7) Benbecula (In the Outer Hebrides)
8) Isles of Scilly
9) Caribbean
10) Safari

I'll show you some more soon.



  1. Wonderful flowers! Thank you, Star. :-)

  2. I got some right, but not because of the flowers, but the props that were around them. All very pretty though.

  3. Gorgeous colours, aren't they DJan.

  4. Well done Gill. We did the same while we were looking around.


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