Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Lilley Flower Festival 2015 - The British Isles

The Lady Chapel at St. Peter's Church in Lilley was home to the flower exhibits for The British Isles' entries this year. The first picture shows Wales with a spinning wheel, which looked in good order and a doll in Welsh costumer standing beneath. I thought it was very pretty  and well represented the country.

The next picture is taken from the Lady Chapel, upstairs, down onto the altar at the front of the church.

Next we come to Ireland. I think you'll enjoy these exhibits. There's a cheeky little leprechaun in the next one:

Can't forget Scotland. The next pictures show Scotland in it's tartan glory.

Click on the next picture to read about Sir William Wallace...

...and a rose for England; this one a delicate yellowish white.

Monica Thomas is responsible for these delicious entries and I can tell you it all smelled great too.

I hope you are enjoying seeing these pictures of 2015's Lilley Flower Festival.



  1. Oh wow, how very creative and on top of it all, beautiful. Thanks for the pics! I certainly enjoyed the Lilley Flower Festival!

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  3. Such creative talent, and so colorful.
    The Rose of England, my favorite, with it's delicate creamy/white petals.
    Thank you for sharing the Lilley Flower Festival !

  4. Lovely, Star. I always appreciate art like this. :-)


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