Thursday, 7 May 2015

Lilley Flower Festival 2015 - best picture

I like this picture the best! Larry took it and it depicts No. 23 exhibit - Hong Kong. Nicky Saddler made it and I think it's just lovely.

Today is voting day here in the British Isles. I feel a bit nervous so I'm trying to keep calm. Looking at this picture helps!

Why am I nervous? Because this time the results will not be clear and we will be faced with a difficult situation tomorrow. It is looking likely that neither of the main parties will make a decisive win and will be forced to do deals with the smaller parties to form a government.

At the moment we have a Conservative government (Republican in America), which includes Members from the Liberal Democrats. However if more people vote Labour (Democrat in America), but not enough votes are cast for them, then they will have to look to other parties to make up the difference. Since the SNP (Scottish National Party) have captured so much publicity in Scotland, the Labour Party may have to look to them to do a deal, in which case the SNP will have too much influence over the Labour Government and all sorts of problems would result.

Me? I'm voting UKIP because I believe they have the best answer for this country; which is to try to take us out of the European Union and to severely restrict the number of immigrants we take in here. I believe the three main issues here are:

The environment (climate change)
The European Union (which is not working for us)
The Immigration problem (we are taking in far more people from around the world than we can possibly hope to cope with).

UKIP (U.K. Independence Party) will not gain the majority of the votes and they may even stop the Conservatives winning an overall majority but I'm going with my heart this time.

We will have the results tomorrow. The polls close at 10 p.m. tonight.

Meanwhile I'm looking at the picture to keep calm.



  1. great photo and I agree there are changes a comin' to Britain. Let's hope they are good ones.

  2. It's a beautiful picture and I agree that it's deserving of Best in Show. I know so little about UK politics but I'm hoping that it all turns out for the best, whatever that means. :-)


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