Friday, 29 May 2015

Happy Birthday Sammy

My little grandson Sammy turned two years old this week. Here he is playing with one of his presents. He's such a cheeky little chap and we all love him to bits. He is very active and has learned recently how to say 'No' whenever he doesn't want to do something. He's a typical two year old!

Here he is again playing with his cousins Thomas and Cora and their new scooters:

Spring is a little late this year and the bluebells are only just over in my woods nearby. Here are some pictures to delight you:


  1. gosh two already, time certainly flies by. I do miss all the bluebells in the woods, we don't have that where we live.

  2. Can it already be two years? He's adorable, and I love all that GREEN! :-)

  3. Although the bluebells are not with us for very long, the smell is wonderful while it lasts and they give a magical look to the woods.

  4. What a precious little boy! And those bluebell woods are the stuff of dreams!

  5. What a beautiful little grandson, a belated Happy Birthday to him !
    I miss the Bluebells so much so I'll enjoy yours :)
    Is Larry a "fella" yet ?


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