Saturday, 9 May 2015

Election Results

So the election is over and now the fallout begins! This year we had six plus parties to choose from and I chose UKIP (U.K. Independence Party). They came third in the results and yet only secured one Member of Parliament because we have this silly 'first past the post' system over here. It's never mattered to me much before because there have only been two parties to vote for but this year UKIP had a real chance and still they only get one M.P.

The Conservatives (Republicans in America) got an overall majority so they continue in office for another five years. They secured 331 seats out of 650 and the rest was split with mainly Labour Party (Democrats) getting apx. 232 seats and the SNP (Scottish National Party) taking 56 seats. SO UNFAIR!

What's done is done and now we have to live with it but I intend to sign any petitions going to try and get rid of this silly system as soon as possible.

This year's election was more exciting than usual, following on from the Scottish National Referendum last September when the Scots voted to stay as part of the United Kingdom by a fairly small majority. Since then the SNP have gone from strength to strength and now under the leadership of Nicola Sturgeon, they gained all but two seats in Scotland. During our General Election all parts of the United Kingdom vote for MP's to become part of the U.K. parliament. England does not have its own parliament, whereas Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland do. Now England has ended up with 56 Scottish MP's in our parliament. Biased or what!

The Scots want to be independent, i.e. nearly half of them do. They are a country of some 5 million people. During their referendum I wanted them to stay in the union, but now I'm beginning to change my mind because they have no allegiance to the union. That has become obvious over the months since September. If they had another referendum, I would want them to leave.

I think that the Scottish MP's will make life difficult at Westminster and we could end up with the system like they have in America where everything Obama tries to do is blocked by the other side. God forbid that that should happen.

Ok, rant over.



  1. I don't think things will be all sunshine and roses, it could turn a bit cloudy I think in the future!

  2. I wondered how you felt about the election results. I would be disappointed, too. I've certainly got plenty of that here in the US! :-)

  3. At least we only had 3 months of it DJan. You seem to have it for years, lol


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