Thursday, 9 April 2015

Essential Maintenance!

As the weather is warming up, at last, Larry has been busy in the garden repairing the old bench. One of the planks and one of the legs were rotten through and we were wondering whether to throw it away all together; but I like that bench. It's been part of the family since before 1985 when I moved to this address and I was really reluctant to let it go. I decided I would like it mended and put at the back of the garden near my new shed. It would look perfect there, I thought.

I asked Larry to mend it if he could and he valiantly said he'd have a try. That was a week or so ago and you should see it now - good as new. I am delighted with it and today for the first time, I got to sit on it in the garden for twenty minutes. That was how long the sun came out and shone warmly into the garden.  After that it went behind a cloud and we had to go back indoors again.

Whilst in the garden we noticed a new fish in the pond. Not sure what it is yet, but it could be a minnow. Unlikely, I know, but if some eggs had come in on the weed we collected last year, then maybe that's what it is. The other possibility is that it is a baby goldfish. That would be nice, wouldn't it, but only one? Sounds unlikely. Watch this space...


  1. Oh, how nice to have saved that bench. Congratulations to Larry for his ingenuity. And if you insist, I'll be glad to "watch this space." :-)

  2. An old bench restored for use again in your garden, like getting back a precious long-time friend. One you can sit in the sunshine and appreciate the garden with. Even better though because this old friend allows you and Larry to sit together in the sunshine and discover new fish in the pond !

  3. Yes Kathy, it's very hard to throw things away, especially things which have worked well for so many years!


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