Saturday, 21 February 2015

Toast by the fire.

We have had some nice Spring days this week, but there is always a chill wind and once it gets dark, the heating goes up and the fire is lit.

There is nothing nicer than toast done on an open fire, dripping with butter and slathered with honey when the wind is blowing outside and sleet blows sideways.

I have seen the news where the eastern half of the United States is suffering extreme conditions and my heart goes out to those people who are without warmth and light. May it soon come back for you folks.



  1. I love to toast crumpets by the fire, just as my gran did when I was little, yes dripping with butter *drool*.
    Rain has moved in, now we have water sitting on top of ice...sheez.
    Have a lovely weekend, I see the snowdrops are in bloom over there :)

  2. Yes Jo, there are snowdrops here. It makes such a difference to see flowers blooming.

  3. We are suffering over here. That fireplace photo looks wonderful and inviting. Wish Spring would hit here.

  4. I saw daffodils and trees beginning to bloom here today. It's not as early as I thought, when I went back to previous years to check it out. :-)

  5. Our daffodils are not quite ready yet, DJan.


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