Thursday, 29 January 2015

Changes in Blogger

There have been lots of changes in Blogger since I first started using it in 2009.  Some of them were unacceptable to me, like the invasive comments of anonymous commenters and I couldn't find a way of stopping them arriving. I asked Blogger, but like so many other websites these days, it seems they are not that interested in communicating with their bloggers. Nothing was done and some of those comments are still on my older posts unless I sit there for ages and delete them all individually. What worried me most was the future posts. How could I stop being pestered by these people, hell bent on trying to sell me all sorts of things I didn't want or just muscling in on my space to get their products across. They use ever more crafty ways to get on here.

I moved to Wordpress and for a while that seemed to solve the problem. I no longer worried about those anonymous annoyances, but Wordpress is different to Blogger and I missed my friends. My most loyal followers on here stayed with me when I moved and for that I was and am grateful, but recently I have felt more and more like returning here.

Coming back I find some differences.

A lot of the blogs that I used to follow are no longer active and I can't find a way of deleting them.

The 'Follow Me' gadget is no longer available, neither is the 'Follow' tab at the very top of the page and many people seem to have moved over to Google + or Network Blogs or whatever took their fancy. I dabbled with Google + and it is quite fun, something like a cross between Blogger and Facebook. If you look on my sidebar you will see a gadget that you can use if you want to follow me on there. If you do, you will get my blog posts and also posts I put just on Google +. Everything seems to be linked these days, doesn't it!

People no longer seem to want to comment much. Perhaps it is because everyone is using I-pads these days and it is not so easy to type anything on one of those things. I am on my Laptop as I write this and enjoying using the keyboard instead of my magic wand on the I-pad. It is much easier to write on here.

So changes abound, some for the better, some not so good.

For the better I find that some of my 'old favourites' are still here and blogging regularly and that makes me happy. I have tried to keep up with my old friends whilst blogging on Wordpress, but it seems a bit difficult to comment on blogs here when people don't take the trouble to look elsewhere occasionally.

It is easier to upload pictures on Blogger. At some stage I will run out of space and need to upgrade and I will do that when the time comes because I find that my blogging world has become important to me.

Wordpress seems to cater more for the professional person. I know that is a generalisation, but true nevertheless. I used to like the templates on Blogger for cottagey people like me, but there don't seem to be many over them over there.

So here I am back and hoping to pick up the pieces of where I left off.

What do you think about the changes? Have I missed anything out? Am I missing anything vital?



  1. Couldn't agree more Stella. The 'enhancements' to Blogger just make things more complex.

    After all, Blogger is just a messaging and commenting thing so why not keep it simple, as it was in the early versions?

    Ads, that's why. Google makes its money from these adword gimmicks and things start to change.

    However, many people, myself included, get less interested in spending time writing a blog piece and fade away, or post only now and again.

    Some have passed away, sadly. I was a huge fan of three bloggers who suddenly died - cancer. They were great and seemed to do a daily post. I actually shed a good few tears when I read the final post (written by a friend) when Nolly Posh Dreaming "went home". She fought hard and long but was taken from us at an early age.

    There were others. There will be newcomers. Nothing stays the same, which in the case of the Blogger system, is a great pity.

    Hope you're doing well. Phil

  2. Yes, thank you Phil. Sorry some of your friends on here have died. I've had one or two getting ill but no-one has died yet. You may be right about the ads but that is optional, right? I'm going to have to find some new blogs to follow because the trail on some of mine has gone cold, sadly.

  3. I'm happy to see you are back Stella !
    Yes, it seems like every time I learn something new, a few months later, it's 'all change' once again, it's frustrating, especially if one doesn't have hours to spend daily learning the new templates.
    I keep plodding along, at least for the time being, if blogging ever becomes more like work, then I'll be saying goodbye too.
    Hope you are yours are doing well, we have had one of the mildest winters here in Tennessee !
    Be well dear friend.

  4. You were my first, so I always read your posts even when I don't comment on your latest knitting project. I've gotten in the habit of not commenting if I cannot think if anything to say. And I never go back and comment on the comments, as many do, including you. It's just way too much like work, then. I read what I want, have a community that is very important to me, and I'll keep on with it for now, anyway. :-)

  5. You are right, commenting via smart phones is a pain and using the keyboard in the laptop is very comfortable. My blog was dead for almost 4 years and it still is. I blame myself and my priorities. All of a sudden I felt not sharing myself to the world. But I love to read blogs. Not sure why i feel so. And I still have that feeling and whenever I open my blog to write something I go blank! You are a amazing blogger and your articles are very inspiring. Keep blogging :)

  6. We all have something interesting to say Inty. I remember I gave you an award once 😀


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