Tuesday, 30 December 2014

My English Garden - December 2014

Hello everybody, I hope you enjoyed your Christmas. New Year still to come!

I am loving my Christmas present - a new shed! I'm so delighted with it, I could almost eat it, if you see what I mean.  It has been invaluable for putting the excess Christmas food in during the last week or so and the extra milk which I ordered over the Christmas period. The shed was put up a few weeks ago, but I wasn't supposed to go inside it. I cheated! Still never mind, it didn't spoil anything and now, every morning, I go up the path and peek inside to check on my geraniums, which are over-wintering in there. The baby ones, you've seen before, I keep indoors on the window sill but I don't have enough window sills for all the others. At the last count there were over twenty of them!

The shed is going to look grand when the lilac bush comes into flower in the Spring and I will be popping back to show you when the buds are evident.


This is the view from the inside, from the door. Geraniums on the right and at the back?


Here's a closer look:

Four chicken nest boxes! Yes, I'm going to get some more chickens in the Spring. I kept chickens before, for ten years from 1990 to 2000 when their housey fell to bits! Now it's time to have another go, I feel. I miss my hens a lot and can't wait to get some more.

Here are some more pics around the garden this week:

View from the inside of the shed looking out, south:


The woodpile:

The holly:DSCF2118

Pots of herbs by the back door. In the large pot are bluebells. I had to move them to make room for the new shed.


I think you can tell how excited I am, can't you.

Did you receive something nice for Christmas?


  1. When you commented on my blog, at first I thought you said you got a sled -- but this is much nicer! Every English garden needs a shed. And chickens to come -- how wonderful! I can see that your new year is going to be terrific!

  2. You sound so excited. I am do pleased for you. It will look fabulous spring into summer. I am excited because being about to give up on blogging, I looked back over my blogs and saw that I gave you an award for your blog in 2011 and reading this, I am reminded why.

  3. Thank you Blog of Bee. I do hope you don't give up on blogging. Please don't! People don't comment so often these days, probably because of IPads, but I think they still read. I hope so, otherwise we're all wasting our time!

  4. That's a lovely addition to your garden Star, a place for all of your garden tools, or just a place to hide-away from the


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