Thursday, 29 May 2014

Sammy is one year old, 27th May 2014

Sammy on his new slide May 2014

Hip Hip Hooray, Sammy is one today! Truly my cup is full and runneth over. Little grandson number 2 is one today and we're just been out for dinner to celebrate the day.

Here he is on the new slide his other grandparents bought him for his birthday and later on, after he's had a little sleep, he's off to the playground again to have some fun.

His mummy is a teacher and therefore has this week off work so isn't he lucky.

Sammy is such a dear little soul with a big dimple in his chin, just like his mum and his maternal granddad. He has his daddy's curly hair and big blue eyes.

Below you can see a picture of Sammy's daddy at the same age (on the left) and Sammy himself on the right.

Sammy May 23rd 2014
One year old is such a milestone, isn't it.



  1. He is truly adorable. You are very fortunate, Star. Thank you for sharing him with me. :-)

  2. He looks just like his dad, and he's a gorgeous little boy !
    Time surely does fly.

  3. Sam, such a handsome young man.

    Many happy returns dear laddie.

  4. 1 year old , already ? Sometimes it seems our grandchildren grow up even more quickly than our children. All the more reason to make sure when they're about we cease regular activities and simply have fun with them, making sure to get in lots of cuddles and kisses.

  5. He looks so cute. He is just entering into his world!


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