Sunday, 2 June 2013

My knitted socks - finished in time for summer?


I finished knitting these socks last week using a pattern from GlennaC. Click here for her website. You can find another of her patterns here. I made them because I had to because I wanted to know why everybody seems to love knitted socks so much. As we have just started our summer here in England, it may be some time before I wear them in earnest, but when the time comes, I will be ready!

I made these on four double pointed needles and mastered the technique in the end although I can tell you it is tricky and requires practise. Then I saw a video on Tina's website showing how to knit socks using two sets of circular needles so next time I'm going to try that. Tina at her website was making some stripey socks and I admired the way the stripes seem to match up in each sock. Some clever sock wool designing there!

So I'm getting into sock knitting. In America sock yarn is everywhere but I don't see it very much over here in England. Perhaps I just haven't noticed it. We have different yarns in varied plys and I'm so familiar with the English ones that when in America, I see everything with fresh eyes. You have the space in your shops to see everything displayed my American friends. Never take that for granted please! To me it is like shopping in Aladdin's cave!

Here are my socks again. I'm pleased with them. Thank you to Glenna and Tina for the tips.


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  1. They are lovely, Star! But I think I will let YOU deal with those needles. My one set of socks (made long long ago) gave me the chance to cry many tears. :-)

  2. I love the socks Great colour. I was never a star in knitting but I love knitted art work as your socks

  3. Lovely! I don't knit but I treasure a pair a friend made -- I use them as bed socks on cold winter nights.


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