Monday, 24 June 2013

Baby Sam - update

Sam in bath 09-06-2013

Baby Sam is my second grandson. He was born on May 27th 2013 to the delight of all his family and especially me. Here he is having one of his first baths. Isn't he cute.

On Friday he visited the cottage with his parents for the first time - quite an occasion and one of many to come. So far he has been asleep most of the times I have seen him. He does seem to be a very contented baby. I'm thinking he might have auburn, curly hair like his Dad.

Needless to say his mum and dad are very proud of him. Here is Dad having a cat-nap with his new son:

David and Sam June 2013 1

Isn't that adorable? My heart swells with pride when I see my lovely family growing and thriving.


My American husband has applied for a visa to come and live in England. Tomorrow, Monday 24th June 2013, we will get the result of the application.

I don't know how I got any sleep last night.

For sure the decision will change my life.

Please wish a favourable outcome for us and watch this space.



  1. What a charming post Stella. Such a lovely babe; they all are of course. Innocent, trusting and amazing beings. They learn an enormous amount in the first few months of their precious lives and to watch them grow and develop.

    So pleased to hear that your hubby is likely to be with you in Blighty before too long. Fingers crossed that all goes tickety-boo and that your life WILL change for the better soon.

  2. Oh Star! He is just being said..canna I have him? Hmmmmm?? :)
    I am just dying to see my new little great granddaughter. I hope you get to see your "greats" one day. Beautiful baby boy!! He is a tiny doll!

  3. Oh what an adorable little baby and the picture with dad is gorgeous.
    I really hope you had a good outcome for your husband!

  4. He's the most precious little baby, just gorgeous !
    I know you are so very proud of both of your grandsons, and they are both the apple of your eye :)

  5. Aren't grandchildren grand? Love the cuddle photo. Hope your husband's application was approved!

    Thanks for your kind comment on my site :)

  6. Such a beauty! I'm sure Oma's heart is bursting with love and pride!


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