Wednesday, 22 May 2013

What's on my spinning wheel?


I've just finished spinning up the bag full of ecru merino roving. It was a a delight to work with. This will be spare because I have finished the sweater I was making with the bulk of it. I'll show you how it turned out soon. This roving was easy to spin and easy to draft and the result was very smooth as you can see above and below.


Now on my wheel today is some more of Miss Babs blue faced leicester yarn, which you can see is much more woolly. It is more difficult to draft and I have to be very careful that the thread doesn't break. Once I get in my stride with it, it will be just fine. I just have to take care because after using the merino, followed by the mixture of Alpaca and silk, this one is tougher to use.




and I'm pleased with the result so far :)



  1. So great to see you make your own thread. Hope you are well!
    greetings Ester

  2. Your threads are beautiful. I think a mixture of silk and alpaca was one of my favorite yarns. I made something out of it years ago and still remember how nice it felt to work with it. I love your merino! :-)


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