Saturday, 19 January 2013

Dylan update

As you might know it snowed over here bigtime yesterday! The Welsh people got it worst, followed by the poor people in the South West and then us in the South East.

However, not everybody disliked it! You can tell from the look on my grandson Dylan's face, that he had a great time. He is eating a gingerbread man whilst learning how to throw snowballs. This picture was taken on the field near his home, by his daddy and has captured the moment perfectly, don't you think!

His joy was unbounded however because his mum bought him a sledge too. Here he is on it:

...still holding the gingerbread man!

All this after an exciteable day at my house. He was so excited by the snow he could hardly contain himself, asking me 'when was the snowman coming' because he's been watching Raymond Briggs 'Snowman' over the Christmas Holiday.

If you haven't seen it, here's a short clip:

So today we still have lots of snow and more to come tomorrow. Dylan will be having more fun I think!

Don't you just wish you were two year's old again? I know I do.....

Have a great weekend whatever you do people.


  1. He is sure a cutie, Star! You are so lucky to be around your grandson, but I know you already know that! :-)

  2. Hi Star; Thanks for visiting my blog sometimes- Its always nice to read from someone in an other country!
    I see you're looking forward to a next grandchild; nice!
    My eldest daughter is 21 and a teacher I was.
    I'm looking forward to be a grandmum too once!
    greetings from Fleur

  3. Lovely pictures and post Stella. I hope your handsome grandson will get to build a snowman soon - there will be plenty of building materials around this week!

  4. Hi (yes I am finally back blogging!)

    I heard from family and saw various pics on FB today about the snow, it seems Blighty has had it pretty rough weather wise recently.

    Very cute piccie bless him!

  5. Hello Sarah, very nice to see you again after a long time! It is snowing at the moment and we already had plenty so it's another day of keeping warm indoors, watching the snooker and reading my book! Blighty misses you (wink).

  6. Hello Fleur and thank you for your return visit. My mother was Dutch so I love to visit Dutch blogs and remind myself of my childhood there. Your pictures are always so beautiful it's a joy to visit you.

  7. Yes Philip, we have lots of snow at the moment. Dylan is beside himself with excitement!

  8. super photos of Dylan. It would be good to have only the worries of a two year old.

    It's bitter cold over here,

    Gill in Canada


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