Thursday, 9 December 2010

My English Garden - December 2010

When I got up this morning, it was -6 degs. That's way below freezing.
I couldn't wait to get out in the garden and take some pictures.
So many spider webs and icicles everywhere.

Frost covered everything as I wondered up and down the path.

But even so you can see the new mint shoots underneath the older dead stalks. See below.

The camellia is covered with flower buds. I shall have to wait til May next Spring before they burst open.

In the tub below are some bluebells.  I rescued them from under the shrubs I was pruning a few weeks ago.

You would never recognise this Loosestrife would you?  It's bright yellow in early summer.

Look carefully at the next picture (click to enlarge) and you'll see lots of dead leaves on the ground.  These are important to leave because they protect small insects from the intense cold.

The lilac tree in it's winter slumber waits patiently for Spring.

But some trees come into their own at this time of the year.  One of them is the Holly.  Just look at it in its splendour....!

With a frosty edging to all the leaves. It stands proud, waxy coated leaves untouched by winter's forces.

After all that looking and clicking, I think it's time for a cup of soup?

Will you join me in a plate full of English crumpets with butter and honey?

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Keeping warm, keeping busy

This has been the view from my back door all week - pretty but not practical!

I hope you can see that the fence on the right-hand side of the garden is now painted and finished?  I still have the left-hand side to do!  I think it looks a lot better in its rich brown colour.

All the shrubs have been trimmed back and re-shaped. They will enjoy renewed vigour in the Spring.

I've tried to keep the path clear, but every time I cleared it, it snowed again!

I've been trying to keep the birds fed.  They appreciate my efforts and it is an effort because just keeping upright is an effort! First I cut up the bread into the right sized pieces; then I measure out the mealworms for the robins to eat.

Every day I change their water and the previous day's water pot comes back in frozen solid.

All this snow outside has given me the opportunity to decorate the kitchen.  I have spent a week of hours, so far, stripping the walls of wallpaper.  Here's how I'm getting on.

I've decided to strip off the paper behind the cooker today but I need a bit of help to move the cooker first.  It's a gas cooker and it's fixed to the wall.  I need a big strong man to move it for me.  Any offers??

When I've done that, I have the awkward area behind the boiler to negotiate.  Lots of twisting and turning.

I know you like to read about my suffering, so I'll tell you that once the paper is all off and the floor cleaned and tidied, I will need to sandpaper down the walls.  Is that enough suffering?

No? well how about a trip to the dentist next Thursday for a root canal treatment? 

Roll on Friday when I get to look after my grandson for the afternoon while his mummy has her hair done.

Have a great Sunday.