Friday, 19 November 2010

November in the garden

 You may be wondering what happened to all my lovely geraniums, which were blooming in the garden throughout the summer?  Well, they don't survive the frost so as soon as I hear a frost warning on the radio, they all have to come in.  Here are some of them!!

 I usually take six cuttings so that in the spring I have some new plants.  That way I can keep the balance with the colours, not too many red ones or all peach or whatever.

So I bring in 18 plants all together; six large, six medium and six babies.  It is hard to find room for them all.

 Patch is looking for her mouse, which she brought in, lost and is not sure now where it is.

Outside in the garden, all is looking very wintry.

 After a bit of encouragement, Jim has moved his ferns to the back of the border.

Here is a small clip from a TV programme which was very popular in the 1970's.  I love it.  It is one of my favourites.  It is called The Victorian Kitchen Garden and it is all about the year's events in a walled garden attached to a mansion.

Harry Dodson is the head gardener and he takes us through the year with helpful tips and knowledgeable insights into the life of a Victorian gardener who provides flowers, fruit and vegetables for the 'big house'.
Hope you like it.

Sunday, 14 November 2010


 This is my cat Jasper who shared our family for thirteen years from 1985 til 1998. I have often commented on Blogs with ginger cats. I love them, don't know why.  I just love ginger I suppose. Anyway, Jasper was a very special cat. He was the family pet and he grew up with the children.

Here he is catching some shade...

 Having a snooze on the draining board.  You have to understand that this cat ruled the house.
He did whatever he liked whenever he liked and we all loved him SO much.

The little snowman etc. that you can see on top of my yellow colander are the decorations from my Christmas cake that year so the picture must have been taken at the end of December because the cake was all gone and I had set about the task of washing the decorations ready to put away for another year.

He was a very laid back sort of a cat, who didn't worry too much about anything.

 He slept wherever he liked! oh o!

 He ate whatever he liked, whenever he wanted it.

 He liked to wash and kept himself very clean.

Here he is sharing my lap with a tortoise. He looks a little bit put out!

but not for long.  He liked freshly ironed tray mats.

 and telephone leads.

 He loved to drink out of my water jug.

 This was his favourite spot in the garden.


When I went looking for him, he was hard to find because he blended in with the toys and the clothes and all the other stuff in the children's bedrooms. It used to remind me of E.T. in the cupboard full of toys - you only saw him when he moved.

 He used to lie down in dangerous places like in the middle of the staircase.

 He loved old people.  This is my friend, Kath.  This was her 82nd birthday. She turned 102 years old this month!.

Then one day Jasper got old himself. He got thyroid disease and he got very thin. His heart beat very fast and he lost his energy.

 He lost the gloss on his fur... look at the difference beween the last picture and this one below.

 and he couldn't clean himself like he used to.

 So one day he just went to sleep. We all miss him very, very much. Below is my last photo of him taken on the day that he died.

But we will never forget our ginger friend.

Jasper died in the autumn of 1998.  In the same season my middle son went to live in Paris, France, at the age of only 21; my youngest son went off to University and I was made redundant from the school where I'd worked for thirteen years.  It was a time of great loss for me.

xxx for Jasper