Saturday, 13 November 2010

My English Garden in November 2010

 Armed with a new pot of timbercare, I went out into the garden yesterday morning to 'do' the fence - not this one, that's last on the list... but this one below.  Now that the forsythia is no more, I can get at this long fence to finish it.

 At the bottom of the garden, the fence changes to two older panels. They reach into the corner and then a newer fence follows on along the bottom of the garden. The two older panels are ours and the long fence and the newer panels belong to the neighbours. Usually when you buy a house over here in England, the fence on the right hand side belongs to you, but on this occasion it is the left hand side. My neighbour built a wall along the left hand boundary and it has fence panels in it. Seemed silly to have two fences so we left his.  However, he hasn't maintained the fence panels and now they need replacing so I shall be waiting and watching to see what happens.

 This is the corner. The shrubs  needed a severe pruning this year. I also needed to cut away a large section of the leylandii hedge  which was encroaching and pushing my shrubs forwards.

Now that the path is clear, I can get to the fence panels.  I just need the weather to co-operate.

 I finished the long fence in an hour and a half, just before the weather broke and it started raining.
I had to take the washing in, but it was already dry.

After all the pruning, I now have a large pile of twigs to get rid of.

and there is not much left of the this senecio, which was very, very old.

 Here is a view of the older fence panels at the back of the garden, as seen through the lilacbush.

Isn't the holly tree splendid!

and there are some very big buds on the camellia.  This will flower next May.

 Finally, I relaid some of the paving stones under the washing pole.  I will get them level once I find the spirit level.

Have  a lovely weekend everybody.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

My Life

This is the church I go to when I'm in Knoxville. There are many differences when I compare it to the church I attended for many years here in England.

This short video gives a very comprehensive overview of the life of the church there and many familiar faces appear on it (including my husband, Larry!).

We have a very inspirational priest in the form of Father Howard Hess who has just spent three months on sabbatical with his wife in Madagascar.

Hope you enjoy the viewing.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Emily and Patch

Here is my cat, Patch and my doll, Emily.  I think they're feeling a little jealous of the new baby, Dylan, so they have decided to console each other with cuddles.

Now, usually I put the doll on my pillow to stop Patch sitting on it! but I forgot - she noticed and sat on it!

That'll teach me to let my guard down, won't it.

Now, I'll have to change the pillow case, won't I?

You may have noticed the tear out of Patch's right ear in the picture?  She was set upon by a much larger cat in the summer.  He/she left her with a large piece of her ear hanging off, which required surgery.  She was very brave about it  but it has left her with a permanent gap in her ear now.

Recently she has been visited on a regular basis by another large male cat that I call The Ghost.  For some time Patch's food had been disappearing overnight mysteriously.  I usually leave her some cat biscuits in case she gets hungry in the night but every morning they were gone so I knew that I had a visitor.

The other morning, I came down to make myself a cup of tea and in the dark I could see a ghostly shape at the top of the garden path.  It was a cat and it was almost all white.  Since then I have called him The Ghost because he has a ghostly look about him and it was Halloween after all.  Now I know he is not a spirit cat because he eats all the food I put down.  I also know that if I stop putting the food down, Patch will waken me each morning at 4 a.m. and I won't get enough sleep.

It's a busy life with pets, isn't it.

Here I'm blowing a kiss to Millie, my American cat.  If she is reading this, she will be putting her nose in the air and thinking that Patch should see off The Ghost.  But Patch is not like you, Millie.  You see, she is much more timid and half the size, O.K.?

Have a great week everyone.

Blessings, Star