Friday, 17 December 2010

Strictly, the final's tomorrow!

I can't wait for tomorrow.  It's the final of the dancing competition we've all been hooked on for weeks.

Meanwhile, I'll tell you that Gavin and Scott are out of it now and we are left with three finalists.

Here is the first: Pamela Stevenson, a 61 year old grandma.  I think she's fantastic.
Here dancing the Quickstep.

Or how about Matt Baker dancing the tango from last week's semi-final.

Brilliant though they are, I think the winners will be Kara and Artem, seen here below dancing the rumba.

Who do you think is going to win it?

Have a great weekend everybody.


  1. although I won't be watching I would love Kara to win, however the odds are on for Matt to win aren't they?

    Enjoy watching it regardless!!

    Gill in snowy old Canada

  2. Hello Gill, yes Kara is a dream of a dancer. She is so graceful but then so is Pamela. It's hard to compare the two because Pamela is so much older. Matt is very athletic and dedicated. We shall just have to wait and see tonight. The programme is on at 7 pm GMT and then the results programme is on at 9 pm GMT so at least it will be all on one night.

  3. I think KARA should win. I was hoping that Pamela, aged 61, would win but she was eliminated earlier tonight. Bad luck. She is twice the age of the other two and danced extremely well most of the time. I wanted to see her Argy Tango but that will not be. She's gone.
    Kara is now my favourite. Matt has been a firm favourite with the bookies from the outset but I find I'm none too keen on his over-confident attitude now - and I am NOT in favour of all his gymnastic flips. This is a DANCE competition, not a tumbling act.

  4. Wow..they are all great...but I think either the Tango or the Rumba couple will win. Both were fantastic. I missed the show so this was great! Thank you for posting it.

  5. No clue who's going to win but they are fantastic, very impressive!

  6. the best person won in my opinion!!

    Gill in Canada

  7. Kara and Artem won. It was very moving. However, I wanted Pamela and James to win because to me, they did the best dancing without all the fancy tricks and acrobatics.
    I enjoyed it very much as did millions of other people.


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