Thursday, 9 December 2010

My English Garden - December 2010

When I got up this morning, it was -6 degs. That's way below freezing.
I couldn't wait to get out in the garden and take some pictures.
So many spider webs and icicles everywhere.

Frost covered everything as I wondered up and down the path.

But even so you can see the new mint shoots underneath the older dead stalks. See below.

The camellia is covered with flower buds. I shall have to wait til May next Spring before they burst open.

In the tub below are some bluebells.  I rescued them from under the shrubs I was pruning a few weeks ago.

You would never recognise this Loosestrife would you?  It's bright yellow in early summer.

Look carefully at the next picture (click to enlarge) and you'll see lots of dead leaves on the ground.  These are important to leave because they protect small insects from the intense cold.

The lilac tree in it's winter slumber waits patiently for Spring.

But some trees come into their own at this time of the year.  One of them is the Holly.  Just look at it in its splendour....!

With a frosty edging to all the leaves. It stands proud, waxy coated leaves untouched by winter's forces.

After all that looking and clicking, I think it's time for a cup of soup?

Will you join me in a plate full of English crumpets with butter and honey?


  1. I love the spider web especially ,and I am in for soup and crumpets.x

  2. Love the pictures, you were very brave venturing out in that cold.
    Now if only I could just reach out and grab obe of those delicious crumpets :)

  3. Those crumpets look wonderful. I don't think I could join you in a plate of them, though. We would need to get very small! :-)

    Wonderful frosty pictures, Star. And thank you for braving the elements to show them to me.

  4. I bought some English crumpets this week, but they weren't that great :0(

    I am counting the days until Spring.......and technically it's not even winter yet...LOL

    Gill in Canada

  5. Those holly leaves are gorgeous!

    I can't figure out what my bushes are. I really am quite clueless about the yard stuff. I make it up as I go and hope I don't kill the plants. Whatever these bushes are, they would be pretty generic as the builder put them in when the house was built. They are non flowering and don't change color in fall. I'll see if I've got a picture somewhere...

  6. Can't get crumpets here - after almost 20 years, I'm homesick!!!


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