Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Here come the men...!

We are going into week 10 of our Strictly Come Dancing competition over here in England. The boys are doing really well.  Last week I showed you two of the girls but this week, let's examine the boys!

 Never let it be said that British men are not sexy!

Here is Matt Baker dancing with his professional partner, Aliona Vilani.

and here's Gavin Henson (he's Welsh) dancing the Paso Doble with his partner Katya Virshilas.

and finally Scott Maslen and Natalie Lowe

We could well have a man in the final but I still like Kara Tointon best.  Ann Widdecombe is still in the running although I maintain that she is on the wrong show!.

I hope you enjoy watching these videos.


  1. I like Scott the best...maybe because I am a fan of Eastenders?

    Thanks for the lovely comments about my buns!!! You forgot to mention the nuts though!!!

    Gill in Canada

  2. I think Matt Baker is absolutely gorgeous with superb dancing to match. Come on Matt get those twinkling feet on that floor and go to the top!!

  3. I've backed Scott but Matt seems to be taking over. As for Ann... I've said enough on THAT subject.

  4. SCD is disappointing this year as far as I'm concerned. The choice of music is poor; the style has been 'Americanised' by the new producer (ex-Dancing With The Stars!!)and above all the "joker in the pack" (Ann Widdecombe) is making it a complete MOCKERY. She is NOT funny. She IS boring. She IS lazy.
    I have been dedicated to ballroom dancing since 1951 when I first ventured into a dance studio in Purley, near Croydon. I do NOT like the way the BBC is chasing ratings by turning Strictly into a comedy-cum-entertainment show. Dancing is the main theme, or should be, but the execs do seem intent on ruining it for dance lovers.
    I shall be glad to see the back of awful Annie, and of stiff-as-board Taffy Henson. I like the way 61-yr-old Pamela has danced from day one, and Kara seems a 'natural' in both ballroom and latin. Matt is the bookies favourite at even money. I had a bet on Scott a few weeks ago and took 9/4. Big mistake! He is now 4/1. He seems very worn out has been working far too hard.
    Sorry about my rant Stella, but that's how I feel. ;-)

  5. Philip: I totally agree with you on all points. My favourites are Pamela and Kara and Matt. I think Scott lets himself down on the ballroom dances whereas Matt seems to shine at everything and gets better each week. On TV this morning Pamela and James were interviewed and James said that it was Anton, not Anne who is getting the public votes: for his superb choreography (given the circumstances) and for his staying power. He hasn't managed to get to the final before (I think I'm right in saying)so perhaps he will this year BUT it's not really about Anton, it's about Anne and she should have gone on week !.
    So, let's see what tomorrow night's show brings.
    Thank you for your comment.


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