Saturday, 13 November 2010

My English Garden in November 2010

 Armed with a new pot of timbercare, I went out into the garden yesterday morning to 'do' the fence - not this one, that's last on the list... but this one below.  Now that the forsythia is no more, I can get at this long fence to finish it.

 At the bottom of the garden, the fence changes to two older panels. They reach into the corner and then a newer fence follows on along the bottom of the garden. The two older panels are ours and the long fence and the newer panels belong to the neighbours. Usually when you buy a house over here in England, the fence on the right hand side belongs to you, but on this occasion it is the left hand side. My neighbour built a wall along the left hand boundary and it has fence panels in it. Seemed silly to have two fences so we left his.  However, he hasn't maintained the fence panels and now they need replacing so I shall be waiting and watching to see what happens.

 This is the corner. The shrubs  needed a severe pruning this year. I also needed to cut away a large section of the leylandii hedge  which was encroaching and pushing my shrubs forwards.

Now that the path is clear, I can get to the fence panels.  I just need the weather to co-operate.

 I finished the long fence in an hour and a half, just before the weather broke and it started raining.
I had to take the washing in, but it was already dry.

After all the pruning, I now have a large pile of twigs to get rid of.

and there is not much left of the this senecio, which was very, very old.

 Here is a view of the older fence panels at the back of the garden, as seen through the lilacbush.

Isn't the holly tree splendid!

and there are some very big buds on the camellia.  This will flower next May.

 Finally, I relaid some of the paving stones under the washing pole.  I will get them level once I find the spirit level.

Have  a lovely weekend everybody.


  1. That looks like it was a lot of work! Are you tired and sore today? (I'm thinking you are.) Good job, Star!

  2. Yes, I'm resting up a bit today. I did enjoy it though. I love being out in the garden, just wish I was a bit younger!

  3. You have been ever so busy!
    You have done a wonderful job though.
    Take it easy. The weather is changing again.

  4. That's what I call a good day's honest work! The holly trees here are bursting with those cheery red berries that add color to the coming winter months ahead. One of my faves. Have a restful weekend Star!

  5. You've worked hard my friend !
    It's all coming together nicely, you've kept at it all year now.
    You need some sand to set the pavers on top, once you have them set, they'll settle in themselves after several times of using them.
    Great job..

  6. Thank you for your comments one and all. Good idea about the sand Jo. That would speed up the settling, wouldn't it.


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