Sunday, 17 October 2010

The Lavender Tea Rooms, Hexton

Last week I went to Country Matters in Hexton.  Hexton is a tiny hamlet near where I live and Country Matters is like an Aladdin's Cave of treasures, old and new, to rummage through.

They serve lunches...

 and they sell eggs of all kinds...

and when you go in, there are all sorts of things to look at. Let's look at them together...
Click to enlarge the photos.

 After a little while, Jim got tired and went to sit on the seat outside...

 Here is the local pub, The Raven.  It's right opposite Country Matters.

 The Lavender Tea Rooms were so busy that we went right home where an orange syrup and walnut cake were waiting for us.


  1. Lovely, jewelry and books too, and a pub across the road.

  2. Oh, {drool}
    Doesn't that cake take it all... :)
    Such a lovely emporium of sorts to rummage through, all kinds of goodies, and bits and bobs.
    Do we have a 'peanut' yet ?

  3. Mmmmm. That tea and walnut cake look fantastic. And I loved getting to look through your eyes at all the things they have there. I am sending you a big virtual HUG, Star.

  4. This is the real old 'England'. So much to discover.Thanks for sharing.
    The walnut cake looks perfect to the end of a perfect day.

  5. Super part of England and some great photos enhancing your post Stella.

  6. I agree that cake looks yummy. That is one thing I do miss from England, real British pubs....

    Gill in Canada

  7. I'll have a slice of that cake and a cup of tea (no milk, thank you.) Then let's go round to that lovely pub for a cider later on.

  8. the Lavender Team Rooms at Hexton is such a gem, although service can be a little slow on busy days, but boy-oh-boy, is it worth the wait. The cakes are simply divine. All home made, and better than any i've had elsewhere. Tea is served in a proper pot (complete with woolly teacosy) in china teacups....perfectly English, and just what you need after a few hours walking in the nearby hills at barton. ps. you are even allowed to take well-behaved dogs into the cafe, and if you@re very lucky, you can get one of the very cosy armchairs in front of the stove fire...perfect for a chilly sunday afternoon with the newspapers (also provided free of charge)

  9. oh, and the cheese and bacon toasties will bring you back time and again...

  10. Yes, Anonymous, it's a great place to go and I shall be returning in the Spring! It was nice of them to let me take photographs. I did ask first, thinking also that it was good publicity for them. They agreed. I was grateful. I wanted a memento of my visit. Everyone seems to like it there. Long may it last!
    Thank you for your comments :)

  11. What a lovely outing!
    The china in the last photo is "Indian Tree"

    my parents had that dinner service in England in the 1950's.
    All best wishes from New York.


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