Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Exhibits from the competition at Fibre East on Sunday

I e-mailed the pictures to myself from my I-phone today because I just couldn't get the computer to grab them. So here are some of them. In the entrance hall were some beautifully woven scarves and wraps, which Larry was particularly interested in since he is the weaver in the family. I was impressed with the variety of patterns and the quality of the goods on show.

A mermaid tailed wrap won first prize. I couldn't get it all in one photo. Here is the main part of it.

and here is the tail end of it. It really was magnificent and a gorgeous colour, starting a lighter green and finishing this beautiful watery dark green. Hopefully, if you click on the picture you will be able to read the description from the artist.

Here is another wrap that caught my eye. It looks so chic and warm. I must get Larry to make me one (she said hoping). Click on the picture and admire the clasp too.

There were many varied exhibits all having their own special qualities. Take a look at the scarf in the middle of the next picture. Don't you just love the curly spirals at the end.

It was hard to capture the next lot of exhibits because we were kept back by a rail so we couldn't touch and handle the objects. I leaned forward as much as I could, but still couldn't get quite the detail I wanted.  However, here we have examples of some very fine hand spinning. I think the red labels were first prizes.

After we'd had a look round for an hour or so we stopped by the food tent for a drink and a snack. The rain, which started the moment we left the house, was getting harder and it wasn't long before it became a deluge.

Here's what I mean! This was the seat next to mine and I had to swipe the rain off mine before I could sit down.

We are however used to the rain here in England and it didn't put me off my bacon roll and coffee.

All together we were there for four hours and had such a good time. We spent quite a bit but our purchases will keep us busy through the long winter evening to come. We came home tired but happy and that is all you can ask of a nice day out, isn't it.


Monday, 27 July 2015

An Exciting Weekend

I've just had a lovely, exciting weekend. Firstly on Saturday we had a visit from two of the grandchildren, Dylan and Sammy and their daddies.  It was great to see them playing together. There's always funny moments when there are children in the room. Dylan told Sammy, who was playing nicely with a train set, that he used to play with that when he was a baby!  He's only four years old now and played with the train set last year.  So sweet.

Then on Sunday, even though it was raining, Larry and I went to the Fibre East show nearby, held in a school and in marquees in the grounds. We took a spare pair of shoes in case we got so muddy we didn't want to get back into the car.

Unfortunately I couldn't upload the photos I had taken on my I-phone because it wouldn't synchronize with the computer. I don't know why. Maybe it was having an off day. However, if you click here, you can go to the Fibre East website and see the pictures from last year. You'll need to scroll down the page on their website a little first.This years pics aren't up yet, but there is a good photostream from last year.  It was an amazing show with so much to see that both Larry and I had a sensory overload by lunchtime. I made some purchases and since I took these pics with my other camera, they uploaded nicely.

The picture at the top of this page was of some roving I bought from Taylor-Made Yarns. Sharon specialises in art yarn using Wensleydale locks and she makes some remarkable things with it. Here is the link to her website.

The next picture shows some roving which I bought from Maggie Stearn. I love the soft colours she makes. Take a look at her website and see the lovely things she makes.

Lastly I bought some roving from Saras Texture Crafts. Check her out here.

I've kept to the same colour line because then I can mix and blend when spinning. For now that is ok for me. If I start using too many colours I will soon fill up the house and never get through it all.

Monday, 20 July 2015

A few days away

Larry and I have just been away for a few days at Weston-Super-Mare, on the west coast of England. The main purpose of the visit was to visit my son Rob. who now lives there with his partner Kelly. They only moved a few weeks ago but seem to have got their abode round very nicely.

The weather was not wonderful there last week, but in between the showers, we did get quite a bit of sunshine and when the sun shone, we went out. The tides are very high or low in that part of the country and we were amazed at how fast the tides went in or out during the day. In the morning about ten o'clock the tide went right out, almost to where you couldn't see it at all and later on in the day it came right in again. I'm told it comes right up to the sea wall sometimes. These pictures were taken at mid morning and as you can see, the tide is almost fully out.

With a name like Jones, Larry must have Welsh relatives.  Here he is looking across the sea to Wales, which is easily visible at certain times of the day.

I was enjoying sitting on a bench in the sunshine observing the world going by.

The island just in the distance here is called Steepholm Island. Every few days a boat can take one out to have a look at it but it is only possible to alight on the island at certain times of the day. Unfortunately it wasn't convenient for us to go this time. Please click here to read more about this fascinating island. There are 6,500 islands around the coast of Britain and this is just one of them.

It's always sad to say goodbye again. It is over a year since I saw my son and who knows when we will get together again.

On the way back we had to change trains at Paddington Station in London. As you probably know, Paddington is the famous station where Paddington Bear was found some many years ago now. There is a seat and a statue to commemorate this event so we took our pictures to remind us.


Sunday, 12 July 2015

My Memoirs - family history - My Oma's early life

My Oma, Stella Jenner, grew up in Lowestoft, on the east coast of England. She was one of nine children born to Arthur Taylor Jenner and his wife, Margaret Jenner (nee card). Oma was the second eldest.

When she was a young lady, she travelled to London and from there to be a governess in Holland. It must have been a very great step for her to take, especially in those days. Accompanying her was her friend Gwen.

Oma was born in 1890 so we are talking about around 1910, pre first world war. It was a different world in those days.

The pictures above show Oma in her governess's uniform. The first picture shows her friends, probably all governesses. Oma is standing on the left.

It must have been a very steep learning curve for Oma, to leave her own country and travel to Holland.  These days that wouldn't seem so far to go. In fact I can be there from my own town, by plane, in 40 minutes. In those days one would have to travel from Harwich to the Hoek of Holland by boat and the boat trip alone would be 6 hours. Once there, Oma would have to learn Dutch and the Dutch culture, which is quite different from our own, here in England.

This is the house where Oma went to work:

She worked for the family Rie...... and in the end she had six children to look after. The pictures are taken from Oma's fotobook, which is now more than a hundred years old!

Here she is with some of the family:

English nannies have always had a good reputation  in other countries and I would love to have been one myself. However, I didn't want to go travelling and work in another country and I didn't have to. At the time I was growing up, I didn't have to because I was able to find employment near to where I lived and my life took a completely different direction.

One cannot help wondering though, what life would have been like to do something completely different to what one did before. Something to dream on.

I am writing these memoirs so that my three sons have an idea of where they come from and the people and places that went before them.


Friday, 10 July 2015

My Memoirs - family history - Margaret Card's family

Yesterday I showed you a few photos of Margaret Card and today I introduce her family to you. Margaret is sitting in the middle of the group consisting of all her children. I don't know where dad is, i.e. my great grandfather, Arthur Taylor Jenner.

At the back are Stella (my grandmother (Oma)) and next to her is her older sister Elsie.

In the middle row are: Mildred, Miriam, Margaret Card, Sybil and Edward.

In front of them are Ronald and Kathleen, sitting on Margaret's lap.

In the front row are Frank and Olive.

Isn't it a beautiful photograph and one I am very proud to own.


Thursday, 9 July 2015

My Memoirs - family history

This is a picture of my great grandmother, Margaret Jenner. She was Margaret Card before she married my great grandfather, Arthur Taylor Jenner.

They were married in Mutford, Suffolk in 1888 and lived in Lowestoft. They had nine children.

This picture shows Margaret in her younger years holding my Oma (grandmother) Stella Jenner.

This is where Margaret lived - Princes Road, Lowestoft.

The next picture shows a newspaper cutting of Margaret's husband, Arthur Taylor Jenner, taken from an article about 'Lowestoft's Past'

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

These long summer days.....

One of the things that Larry has found hard to get used to over here in England is the difference in the length of days and nights. Just now, in June we have very long, light days. It doesn't get dark until 10.30 p.m. and it's light again at about 3 a.m. That makes for a very short night!

Of course in the winter it's a different story.  The days are very short. It gets dark at 4 p.m. and doesn't get light again until 7.15 a.m.

We are far north, further north than any of America or Canada and if it wasn't for the Gulf Stream, we would all freeze 'to death' in the winter. The Gulf Stream keeps us relatively warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Today it is 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

When Larry came over nearly two years ago now, he brought his telescope with him. That was the mystery object he had in his shed that I mentioned some time ago and never came back to for obvious reasons. However, there are limited times that he can use it because right now he has to wait so long for it to get dark, that he gets tired and wants to go to bed. Then in the winter when it gets dark very early, it is so cold outside that he can't face it!

For someone who grew up in Texas and lived in South Carolina for a long time, he has done really well with his adjustments but this daylight time is hard for him. He has been getting up at 5 a.m. because he just can't sleep longer so by the time I get up, he's been up for a couple of hours already.

How have you been coping with the long days?