Thursday, 9 April 2020

Dylan Update April 2020

I thought it was about time I posted an update on my grandchildren, some of them, anyway! The first picture shows Sammy, now 6, nearly 7 with his little dog Ralphie.  They are great friends and spend lots of time together...

Next picture is of Dylan, dressed for The Cat in the Hat for World Book Day a few weeks ago.  Dylan is 9 years old now.  Doesn't time fly?

and here is Dylan's sister, Ruby, aged 3 3/4, dressed as Mary Poppins, also for World Book Day. I think they look very cute, all of them, don't you?

Saturday, 2 November 2019

A Day Trip to the Nene Valley Railway in Peterborough

As summer drew to a close, we went for a lovely day out at the Nene Valley Railway, which is a preserved line for railway enthusiasts.  It is just wonderful to go back in time and wallow in nostalgia.
You can read more about it here:

On our back to the main Peterborough Railway Station, Larry and Jim stopped to admire the river.
Now that we are well into Autumn, there won't be too many more days out before winter sets in, but this trip was really fun to do.

Saturday, 19 January 2019

A Winter Journal for this cold time of the year - January 2019

I really enjoyed making this latest journal. It has taken me about a month to complete, but I am happy with the result and I think it well reflects this time of the year.

It's been a happy and a sad time for me over the last few weeks. Happy because we had a lovely Christmas, but sad because two members of my (extended) family have died. It is always very sad when people die at Christmas, isn't it.

So off I go into 2019, wondering what changes will occur this year and hoping, like everyone else, that it will be a good year, a happy year and a healthy year.

The Winter Journal is for sale in my Etsy Store:

Sunday, 2 December 2018

A Journalling Year - Teddy Bear Journal

Hello friends, it's been a while, but I have been busy with my journalling.  I started the year with my Midori Traveller's Notebook, but I soon filled that up and looked around for the next adventure. Then I discovered junk journals and I haven't looked back.  Here is my almost latest junk journal, with a Teddy Bear Theme. I really enjoyed making this one.

So, sit back and enjoy a look at all the cute teddy bears. Perhaps it will inspire you to have a go too?


I also started up a junk journalling Penpal Group on Facebook. It is so good to write to friends across the world.  Nothing beats a letter through the letterbox, does it! If you want to check it out, search for Junk Journal Penpals Group. I'll be happy to see you there.


ps this journal is now for sale in my Etsy Store, StarlightCraftsGB


Thanks for looking :)


Sunday, 27 May 2018

Where did Spring go? and update on my journalling progress.

I really don't know where Spring went this year! The weather was so awful over here in England that I spent a lot more time journalling (English spelling) than I thought I would and it has led me down some unexpected avenues.

Whilst I am enjoying my Christmas present (Midori Traveller's Journal), it has taken me to a different place. I have travelled to Junk Journalling, which I am finding very absorbing and from there to expressing my own art through the medium of watercolour painting. My middle son bought me a paintbox for Mother's Day, which over here is in March. I looked at it and thought 'finally, it is time for me to do that art which I have kept on the back burner for so many years'. Painting needs time and a place and space, all of which I have never had and still don't, but my new adage is 'if not now, when?' so I bought myself a watercolour sketch pad and got going. So far I have painted and completed three pictures. Here they are. What do you think?

The first one is 'Fishing Boat on Kessingland Beach'. Kessingland is in Suffolk and it is the place where I spent most of my summer holidays when the boys were growing up. It is relatively unspoilt and peaceful and I just love it there.

The second picture is of the ruins of Coventry Cathedral where Larry and I visited back in April on a very wet weekend. I wanted to capture the wetness of the ground. It looked like tears to me.

The third picture is of some alstroemeiras, which have been adorning my coffee table for the last two weeks.

So now I have to decide what to paint this week. 


I discovered Junk Journalling by accident. I was hoofing through YouTube looking for inspiration on the Midori journal and I found some junk journals, which looked so pretty and unusual. I followed up on it and it wasn't long before I was wanting to make one for myself. I decided to make a rose journal because I had so many pictures of roses from my garden, taken over the years. Here is the link to that.
It is a new channel and I'm hoping for some subscribers so please check out the video, give me a thumbs up if you like it and subscribe so you can see what I make next. I hope you do because it will spur me on to make more journals and it's such fun! I have the next one in the pipeline, but I'm keeping it under my hat for now.

If I can get 50 subscribers, I will do a draw for a giveaway and the prize will be the rose journal you see on the video.

Now I'm off to check out all your news. I have a lot of catching up to do!

Have a great Sunday!


Sunday, 11 February 2018

My Midori Traveller's Notebook Journal

I think this is going to be a very exciting year over here in England. We can look forward to two Royal marriages and a Royal baby in the near future.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Meghan's beautiful ring

 Princess Eugenie and James announce their engagement.

Eugenie's beautiful ring

And it is the World Cup Football tournament and England has qualified so we have some really exciting World football to look forward to. Here are the groups...

In the summer Larry will have been here in England with me for five years straight so he will need to apply for permanent resident's status. That is a very big thing for us and it's coming up soon. It doesn't seem like five years since he came over one sunny July day and we have been together ever since.

At Christmas Larry bought me a Midori Traveller's Notebook. I had watched the YouTube videos about it on my computer and got hooked. If you don't know what I'm talking about, here is a video that explains exactly what you get and what to do with it. I decided that I would make a journal for one year, 2018 and see where it takes me. Since I don't have plans for travelling abroad this year, the travels will cover the spaces within England and also past adventures overseas.

Do you keep a journal and if so, what is it for. I'd love to hear about it....

Thursday, 21 December 2017

A Letter to Santa.

My grandson Dylan is writing his letter to Santa. Yes, he has been a good boy this year. He's done well at school, enjoyed his football club and taken great care of his little sister Ruby. So I think Santa will come down Dylan's chimney and leave a little something for him to enjoy.

If you were writing a letter to Santa, what would you ask for? a new cooker? a special book you've been longing to read? peace in the world? a new president? a smooth Brexit? the list is endless.  All these requests come with a warning, though, don't they. Will the new cooker be as good as the last one? will the new book be a disappointment? Will peace in the world take away all our challenges? Will the new president be worse than the last one? Is Brexit going to be a mistake or a success?

We are constantly having to make choices in this world, choices which affect ourselves, but as I get older, I find I'm making choices more for the way they will affect future generations.  We have come so far and yet there is so much further to go. When plastic was invented, it seemed to be the answer to many things, but now we learn that plastic in our oceans is killing the wildlife and will ultimately kill us because even the smallest creatures are ingesting it and passing it up the food chain. If you haven't seen it yet, Blue Planet 11 with David Attenborough, is a timely reminder of how we need to do something urgently about the plastic situation. Since that is uppermost in my mind today, I think my letter to Santa would read something about - please don't send me anything that is wrapped in plastic!

What would your letter to Santa say?